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The past few months have been... well, they've been.

The worst part would be that since February my skin's been acting up, worse than usual, with itching to boot. It got to the point where I couldn't really function anymore, especially at home. Around the end of April stephwolf was able to help me get to an urgent care and be looked at.

Well, the first doctor (who spoke to me as if I were a puppy) said body lice, and treated for that. A month later the second doctor (who I think I remember from when I worked at the hospital) said that was extremely unlikely, given that I am not a hobo or anything, but couldn't discern what was really happening; she just gave me wherewithal to treat the itching and the skin trouble, another pesticide just in case, and instructions to follow up with dermatology if problems continued. Thursday I saw the dermatologist and didn't get a really clear answer on what, but got some advice for it and some of my longer-running skin trouble (and another pesticide, just to be sure). And I've got an appointment next month to follow up, and maybe also get some of these moles I'm not fond of removed.

Outside of that.

Took out a loan for a couple of upgrades to the house. Bought a decent washer and dryer, bought new windows for the house.

It didn't work out with the dragon; I wasn't quite his speed, I guess.

On the bright side, there is another guy I've been sharing tenderness with. Nothing official yet, but here's hoping. I'll be at Anthrocon with him in a couple of weeks.

Oh yes, multiple doctors, major appliances, and I'll be at AC! Isn't life expensive?

I love you all.
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Shmonster's update

Been sick the past few days. Hoping to get better before Furry Fiesta this weekend.

Was feeling miserable about being sick alone last night, but then I found Seto had left me some medicine. So, less than three.

This stuff (a generic sort of Mucinex) definitely got me well enough that I could get rest in bed... but I think definitely doing strange things to my thoughts to keep me from sleeping.

I was able to breathe, with only a little difficulty... but at some point my brain started equating these breaths with thoughts. Take a breath, a thought can go through. Take another breath, another thought can get through the mucus. I was half dreaming this was my job, to breathe the thoughts through.

What distracted me from sleep was that I started noticing different thoughts coming through. Was I allowed to let these thoughts through? ... because they were coming through anyway. I had to be breathing, so the thoughts were going to come through... but I was still slightly worried about these unauthorized thoughts.

Then my brain started pattern-matching further and related this to my actual job, and the thoughts were emails, and breathing was making tickets on them, which I knew I shouldn't be doing since they'd come through already and didn't need duplicate tickets.

All in all, plus quam strange, and I might have slept a little but not much... but all in all I have been feeling a little better today.

I hope I get off to a decent start with the dragon this weekend.

Tiger's update

Updates twice a year? Obviously not the most diurnal of journals.

Anyway. Been getting things done. Signed up for Beeminder a while back and have mostly been staying on track, so progress sorts of things are happening.

Been doing a lot of writing, but not much in the way of anything completed lately, save for Apocolocyntosis, a quick story I threw together for a certain coyote around Halloween.

Been working on getting all the old loci in the dictionary translated, for the sake of getting everything in the database in appropriate format. Actually finished a few of these lately, which have been sitting around since the stone ages waiting to be done.

Programming! I’ve put in a lot of updates to my dictionary program; most recently I’ve been learning the dark arts of AJAX for the sake of making the data entry a bit more flexible – just started getting that working today, so hopefully the next version will be posted soon.

Been working on the gaining, was doing pretty well (up to my high of 220#) until I came down with some sick that the rest of the house came down with, have been having trouble getting back on the wagon since, but workin’ on it.

Christmas is soon. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, and have no idea what to get anyone yet… gonna be doing that tonight, I guess.

Future plans: at the end of February I plan on going to Furry Fiesta with the lovely and adorable dogaidragon. Lookin’ forward to seeing him again.

la vie du tigre

My mother made me and my sister into quite frankly astonishing people. You all should be jealous.

So, an update on the state of the tiger. Still going on: the new job (ticket monkey at a help desk), living arrangements (with stephwolf, ariklion, kiba_wolf_pup, and Seto).

Changed: did get officially dumped by the absent fox in February, but been going out with a local bear for the past month or so. Trying to get him to come to furmeets and such but he's a bit on the antisocial side. (Also, well, not a furry.)

Working four ten-hour shifts, having three days off a week, and still working on getting used to it. On a longer work day, the more likely I am to come home worn out. And you all already know how unmotivated I tend to be on days off. I half think six six-hour shifts or so might be better for me as I am, but we'll see how things go.

Haven't felt as productive as lately. (Do I always say that?)
Haven't been making much progress on the weight gain. (I know I always say that.)
Haven't been reading near enough. (Though I have read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality at least twice through in the past couple of months. If you are even remotely of a Ravenclaw turn of mind you ought to read it.)

Tried to get new windows and paint for the house. Couldn't get the credit. I have a decent score, but a lousy history—my delinquency on my student loan from back when I was poor, though that should fall off the report by the end of the year, and also this thing we still have to work out where it says we didn't pay our mortgage for all of 2010...

Anyway. Off to see what else I can get done before I ought to get to bed. Night, all.
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Tiger's update

Today was my last day of work at the hospital. I did get the new job, and was actually offered a considerably higher salary than was advertised for the job... all told I'll be making about 20% more than what I've been making lately.

Hopefully the job itself turns out well. It starts 3 Jan, so I have a week off between now and then. Not sure if I'll do anything special with the time...


I don't feel emotions the way you do. I will tell you this ahead of time.

Passions are fleeting and not to be relied on. They can be replaced with the stronger, more durable ties of loyalty and service.

But, sometimes more than that is required.

(no subject)

Kept thinking of things I wanted to post here over the past days... and now that I get to sit down and write, it's all gone poof.

Anyway. Laziness continues. Much sleep would be nice.

I did eventually hear back about the other job. Have my second interview next week. We'll see how it goes.

Started buying some Christmas gifts... still have a few I ought to be working on figuring out.

Oh, I did start work on that website I said I'd start on, about one of my worlds. Not much there yet, so not posting the link yet. I think it has potential ... though it is a bit weird to be putting things down in black and white. Will have to hold on to being brave.

tacos, delicious tacos

Quiet furmeet tonight, as usual around the holidays.

Was craving tacos. Made sushi instead. Was not a success. Craved tacos more. Too lazy to bother makin' 'em.

Now, no longer cravin' so much. But it'd've been nice to have 'em.


Spent most of today on colorin' a pic of Ralph and Frank. Really likin' how it's comin' out. Still got some changes to make, but should be postin' it up soon.

Feel like I've been lazy a lot lately. I still blame the dark. Would be nice to sleep so much more...


stephwolf made Thanksgiving dinner. Many thanks to him, I am now over-stuffeded tiger. Oonf.

I did hear back about the job. They wanted me to call about another interview next week. Tried calling for the past couple days, haven't been able to reach the lady about it, left messages. Maybe she went on vacation? Who knows.

I am sleepydead. Might try to nap for a bit but it's late enough it might end up being sleep for the night. No worries... I don't have to work tomorrow!