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la vie du tigre

My mother made me and my sister into quite frankly astonishing people. You all should be jealous.

So, an update on the state of the tiger. Still going on: the new job (ticket monkey at a help desk), living arrangements (with stephwolf, ariklion, kiba_wolf_pup, and Seto).

Changed: did get officially dumped by the absent fox in February, but been going out with a local bear for the past month or so. Trying to get him to come to furmeets and such but he's a bit on the antisocial side. (Also, well, not a furry.)

Working four ten-hour shifts, having three days off a week, and still working on getting used to it. On a longer work day, the more likely I am to come home worn out. And you all already know how unmotivated I tend to be on days off. I half think six six-hour shifts or so might be better for me as I am, but we'll see how things go.

Haven't felt as productive as lately. (Do I always say that?)
Haven't been making much progress on the weight gain. (I know I always say that.)
Haven't been reading near enough. (Though I have read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality at least twice through in the past couple of months. If you are even remotely of a Ravenclaw turn of mind you ought to read it.)

Tried to get new windows and paint for the house. Couldn't get the credit. I have a decent score, but a lousy history—my delinquency on my student loan from back when I was poor, though that should fall off the report by the end of the year, and also this thing we still have to work out where it says we didn't pay our mortgage for all of 2010...

Anyway. Off to see what else I can get done before I ought to get to bed. Night, all.

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