Moriarty // Muke Tever (kohath) wrote,
Moriarty // Muke Tever

Tiger's update

Updates twice a year? Obviously not the most diurnal of journals.

Anyway. Been getting things done. Signed up for Beeminder a while back and have mostly been staying on track, so progress sorts of things are happening.

Been doing a lot of writing, but not much in the way of anything completed lately, save for Apocolocyntosis, a quick story I threw together for a certain coyote around Halloween.

Been working on getting all the old loci in the dictionary translated, for the sake of getting everything in the database in appropriate format. Actually finished a few of these lately, which have been sitting around since the stone ages waiting to be done.

Programming! I’ve put in a lot of updates to my dictionary program; most recently I’ve been learning the dark arts of AJAX for the sake of making the data entry a bit more flexible – just started getting that working today, so hopefully the next version will be posted soon.

Been working on the gaining, was doing pretty well (up to my high of 220#) until I came down with some sick that the rest of the house came down with, have been having trouble getting back on the wagon since, but workin’ on it.

Christmas is soon. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, and have no idea what to get anyone yet… gonna be doing that tonight, I guess.

Future plans: at the end of February I plan on going to Furry Fiesta with the lovely and adorable dogaidragon. Lookin’ forward to seeing him again.

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