Moriarty // Muke Tever (kohath) wrote,
Moriarty // Muke Tever

Shmonster's update

Been sick the past few days. Hoping to get better before Furry Fiesta this weekend.

Was feeling miserable about being sick alone last night, but then I found Seto had left me some medicine. So, less than three.

This stuff (a generic sort of Mucinex) definitely got me well enough that I could get rest in bed... but I think definitely doing strange things to my thoughts to keep me from sleeping.

I was able to breathe, with only a little difficulty... but at some point my brain started equating these breaths with thoughts. Take a breath, a thought can go through. Take another breath, another thought can get through the mucus. I was half dreaming this was my job, to breathe the thoughts through.

What distracted me from sleep was that I started noticing different thoughts coming through. Was I allowed to let these thoughts through? ... because they were coming through anyway. I had to be breathing, so the thoughts were going to come through... but I was still slightly worried about these unauthorized thoughts.

Then my brain started pattern-matching further and related this to my actual job, and the thoughts were emails, and breathing was making tickets on them, which I knew I shouldn't be doing since they'd come through already and didn't need duplicate tickets.

All in all, plus quam strange, and I might have slept a little but not much... but all in all I have been feeling a little better today.

I hope I get off to a decent start with the dragon this weekend.

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