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The past few months have been... well, they've been.

The worst part would be that since February my skin's been acting up, worse than usual, with itching to boot. It got to the point where I couldn't really function anymore, especially at home. Around the end of April stephwolf was able to help me get to an urgent care and be looked at.

Well, the first doctor (who spoke to me as if I were a puppy) said body lice, and treated for that. A month later the second doctor (who I think I remember from when I worked at the hospital) said that was extremely unlikely, given that I am not a hobo or anything, but couldn't discern what was really happening; she just gave me wherewithal to treat the itching and the skin trouble, another pesticide just in case, and instructions to follow up with dermatology if problems continued. Thursday I saw the dermatologist and didn't get a really clear answer on what, but got some advice for it and some of my longer-running skin trouble (and another pesticide, just to be sure). And I've got an appointment next month to follow up, and maybe also get some of these moles I'm not fond of removed.

Outside of that.

Took out a loan for a couple of upgrades to the house. Bought a decent washer and dryer, bought new windows for the house.

It didn't work out with the dragon; I wasn't quite his speed, I guess.

On the bright side, there is another guy I've been sharing tenderness with. Nothing official yet, but here's hoping. I'll be at Anthrocon with him in a couple of weeks.

Oh yes, multiple doctors, major appliances, and I'll be at AC! Isn't life expensive?

I love you all.

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